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Raise your universe to next stage with HOLOBOX, a display that releases your hero’s energy. Place the figure, connect and watch the magic happen! The animation projected in your action will greatly expand your imagination to unprecedented levels.

More than a display, HOLOBOX is a stage where inanimate figures come to life. HOLOBOX generates virtual images around real objects, creating a unique experience. It can be inserted in any environment and a field of view in 180 degrees. allows incredible immersion.

With an innovative design HOLOBOX was built to exploit the maximum potential of holographs. High-resolution images, dynamic LED lighting and volumetric sound united to create a new reality.

Our holograms are made by addicted fans in pop culture! We are artists and designers who have a high level standards and love to show our “kung-fu” with the quality of our creations.

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Know the quality of our work through those who understand more about technology, games and pop culture


Sonho de consumo: Display Holográfico dá vida ao Kamehameha de Goku


Une figurine de Sangoku prend vie grâce aux hologrammes

Voilà de quoi ringardiser toutes les précédentes figurines de Dragon Ball Z

Le Monde

Your toys
come to life


We have been working on this project for more than two years to make holographs part of people’s daily lives. We knew from the beginning that it would not be easy, but we are not alone in this dream and in this journey we find many people who did not let us give up.


We know there are thousands of fans who can not wait to have a HOLOBOX in their homes, but do not despair 🙂 We are in the final stages of testing and we hope to launch a product that will exceed your expectations.



If you really want a HOLOBOX, or are an investor or just want to chat, please contact us by filling out the form below.